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The transition for many graphic designers to website design has been quite fraught. Designers, being creative is not just learning a trade, it is often a gift that the individual designers posesses.

The limitations of web design are very constricting compared with graphic design, for instance, the question of image size and quality. In print and on tv designers can use very large, high quality images - in fact some design work for non-web destinations just use one image that would be produced sized A3 at 300 dpi for example. This would produce a file size of 50 megabytes - and be too large to display, even on a large monitor.

So the image would be reduced to 72pxi creating a file size of three megabytes, but would lose a lot of quality because of the low resolution.

The other main drawback is the use of type - in graphic design a designer has thousands of fonts to play with - and the only way to get most of these fonts on the web would be to set the type in Photoshop or similar image manipulation software. This works and can look great, the downside is that search engines don't read words embedded in an image, so people wouldn't find the site easily.

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