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In 1995, if you had a website, you were ahead of the pack. By the year 2,000 if you didn't have a website, you were seen to be falling behind.

Even now we are often amazed to find the odd large company without a site, despite fortunes being made in what is an inexpensive market in which to set yourself up.

The major turning point in the evolution of the web was undoubtably the ecommerce store. With an ecomm shop, small to medium enterprises could compete with the big boys in retail.

The traditional barriers to smaller companies, ie High Street premises and obliging staff, were not needed in the new marketplace - in fact, this was an advantage - low overheads create higher profits and the ability to undercut your competitors.

Now that the website has matured and the general public has unlimited access to the Internet, the new issues that face websites come from the ever-expanding mobile market. Millions of consumers can search, compare and buy over the web no matter where they are.

If you are doing business on the web, you need to think about smartphones and tablet computers like the iPad and how your site looks on them.

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